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Variable speed compressors

Chicago Pneumatic deliver high quality variable speed drive rotary screw compressors in several versions and sizes. Choose the solution that works best for your compressed air requirements.


CPVSd 10-20 and 35-50

The smart, high efficient solution for your industrial needs. The CPVSd is our high efficiency screw compressor range which set a new milestone in compressed air.

Cost energy reduction and sustainability

Up to 35% of energy savings and an average cut of 25% in the compressor lifecycle cost thanks to IE3 motors or Variable Speed technology, combined with the direct driven transmission design. Optimal efficiency, lubrication and cooling and long service intervals

Easy and fast access for service

All service components are located at the front of the machine for excellent accessibility. Oil-level eye at the front.


CPVSd 21-34 Variable Speed Screw Compressors

Introducing the all new direct drive, variable speed 21-34 series. The new design, fully dedicated to variable speed applications, provides maximum energy savings, high-flexibility, and very low ownership costs. Thanks to the compact design (available up to 35 hp), the integrated dryer and the controls of the ES4000, this new compressor provides a cost-efficient solution to keep your facility operating.

Low noise levels

Both of the new elements (direct coupled), combined with the deep sound insulation results in a very low sound level.

Optional air quaility package

Our CPVSd is available with dryer, water separator drain and post filter for improved quality air.


New CPVS 60-95 HP

The smart, energy-efficient solution for your industrial needs. The CPVS has been designed with the customer in mind with maintenance-free components, lower cost of ownership and a smart controller that monitors and protects the compressor

Why Energy Efficiency?

Energy costs represent about 70% of the total operating cost of your compressor over a 5-year period. Therefore reducing
the energy consumption of your compressed air installation should be a major focus to ensure the lowest cost of ownership.

Why variable speed compressors?

As a majority of customers have a variable demand for compressed air, variable speed compressors are proven to be superior to fixed speed compressors when it comes to reducing the energy costs. By matching the air supply to the air demand, unload losses are avoided, and energy costs reduced on average by 30%.


CPVS 40 - 250

The Chicago Pneumatic CPVS range offer a wide choice of gear driven oil-injected screw compressors from 40 to 250 HP, with frequency inverter regulation. Powerful and efficient, with low energy consumption they will be ideal and the most cost effective decision for your application.

Quality components ensures reliable technology

Separate oil and air coolers, less thermal shocks, a longer lifetime

Low energy and maintenance cost

Lower energy consumption with a return of investment of typically 1-2 years

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