Air Line Filters

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Quality air solutions

Boost your air quality

- Purify your compressed air by eliminating oil, dust and other contaminants
- Optimize your compressed air installation
- Achieve a higher final product quality


Save costs

- Less potential downtime and longer lifetime of your installation
- Easy installation
- Great serviceability


Undemanding maintenance

- Compatible with any compressor technology
- Can easily be installed and into an existing installation
- Optional pressure drop device (indicator or gauge)
- Easy cartridge replacement


How clean is your compressed air?

Atmospheric air naturally contains several impurities such as dust, various forms of hydrocarbons and water in the form of humidity. Once the air is compressed, their concentration is increased. As a result, these contaminants find their way to the compressed air circuit, causing wear and corrosion to the downstream equipment. Chicago Pneumatic air line filters remove these contaminants from the compressed air.


Chicago Pneumatic filters keep your air distribution network in optimal shape!

In any compressed air net distribution it is a must to install one or more filters. As a result, an improved air quality is achieved which benefits your complete compressed air network, including the downstream dryers, air pipes and pneumatic tools. Depending on the application you may need to filter your air in different stages to prevent saturation of the elements, keep your air quality and avoid pressure drops.




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