Condensate Treatment Systems

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Cleaner condensate treatment

Every compressor generates condensate. With oil-lubricated compressors, this condensate consists of an oil-water emulsion, which must be treated to prevent the oil from getting into the sewage system. The new CPP 15-3125 takes care of this job safely and effectively. It offers more complete oil separation and disposal, is much easier to use and is less messy to maintain than traditional oil-water separators.


CPP 15-3125: Easy handling & better filtration

The low-maintenance and supremely easy-to-service cartridges of the new CPP 15-3125 take the hassle out of condensate treatment. They offer more complete filtration as well. A dual-stage treatment ensures improved filtration by also separating stable emulsions, i.e. an oil-water mix that has not naturally separated. As a result, your waste water will meet even the toughest environmental standards.


Raising the bar of oil-water separation

Innovative and effective dual-stage filtration First, polypropylene removes the free oil, then the activated carbon/organoclay separates stable emulsions. This more complete filtration ensures your waste water meets even the toughest purity standards and contributes to a clean production.


User-friendly cartridges
Condensate treatment using conventional oil-water separators can be an arduous and messy process. The easy-to-use cartridges of the CPP 15-3125 make it much simpler and cleaner.




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