Moisture Separators

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Threaded Moisture/Water Separators

New Alpha Compressed Air Water Separators combine proven Alpha centrifugal technology with a new forward thinking housing design to deliver market leading water removal efficiencies – eliminating 99% bulk water from your compressed air system and guaranteeing continuously low differential pressure.The centrifugal module has been custom designed to feature a Vortex Arrestor to stop re-entrainment and eliminate points of low efficiency, ensuring minimal operating pressure loss and excellent liquid removal, even at low flow velocities. No replacement components are required, making our Compressed Air Water Separators a viable, cost effective solution.New Alpha Water Separators are offered in a range of 13 models with connection sizes from 1/8” to 3” Rp (BSP Parallel), Rc (BSP Taper) and NPT. The New Alpha Water Separators has a maximum operating temperature of 120˚C (248 ˚F)*, an improved maximum operating pressure of up to 20.7 barg (300 psig)*, and flow capacities up to 1500 SCFM (2550 Nm³/hr).Water Separators are tested in accordance with ISO 12500-4: 2009.* 20.7 bar range (300 psig) at 120˚C (248˚F) available when supplied with a manual drain valve - Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements



Flanged Moisture/Water Separators

IPAC’s Flanged Centrifugal Moisture/Water Separators are designed to remove more than 99% of the moisture condensed by an air cooled or water cooled after-cooler in a compressed air system. As moisture-laden air from an after-cooler enters the separator, it is forced to pass through directional impellers which spin the air around the separator’s body. Droplets of water are then impinged on the separator wall by centrifugal force. Maximum velocity is reached near the bottom of the lower chamber where the vortex is strongest. The water droplets then coagulate and drain from the separator, while the dry compressed air travels up through the center of the vortex at a reduced velocity to exit the separator. Download PDF.

  • Fabricated separators offered in both horizontal and vertical configurations
  • All fabricated separators are ASME coded
  • At rated capacity, IPAC separators remove 99% of the condensed moisture and maintain this effectively down to 20% of rated capacity
  • Standard range is 900 SCFM to 25,000 SCFM
  • Maximum efficiency with minimal pressure drop
  • High pressure units available for up to 2,000 PSIG
  • Stainless steel available on fabricated separators
  • Special designs are available – consult CAG Purification


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